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Distinguish Between Sale And Hire Purchase Agreement

(b) An order for the manufacture and fixing of curtains in a house is a contract for the sale of goods, although it involves some work and work in fixing the same (Love vs. Norman Wright (Builders) Ltd.) Leasing is a kind of business agreement whereby the debtor pays the costs of the asset in the form of a first down payment and the remaining balance payable in increments, which can be monthly every month or every year. During the delay, the ownership of the asset is owned by the seller, i.e. the lessor, until the client, that is, the landlord, can settle the entire liability. Until then, the tenant of the lease remains and the payments he has paid are considered a rental fee for the use of the goods. If the tenant is late in paying a tranche, the landlord has the right to immediately repossess the goods without refunding the amount received so far, since the property still belongs to him. The essence of the lease-sale agreement is therefore that there is no agreement to sell, but there is only a decomposition of the goods coupled with an option to purchase that may or may not be exercised. c) G commissioned an artist to paint a portrait and provided the necessary canvas and colour. Held, it is a contract for work and work, since the content of the contract is the application of skills and work in the production of the portrait (Robinson vs Graves). If the painting and painting are also to be delivered by the painter, it will be a sales contract. The main points of distinction between “sale” and “rental-sale” are: 6.

In the case of a lease-sale, any damage to the merchandise results only in an insurance claim by the financier with the insurance company, since the property has not been transferred. At the time of the sale, any damage to the merchandise is claimed by the buyer by the insurance company. Today, people want to live comfortably with all institutions, but at the same time they do not have that purchasing power that allows them to afford everything they need for an elaborate lifestyle. Buying rental is one of the coolest options that are available to people only for the actual sale through full payment. Let`s take a look at their differences.