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Learning Agreement Fau Techfak

These courses are subject to prior approval of the above-mentioned learning agreement. This document describes how a student should prepare an application for a learning agreement. Please follow these instructions carefully. To apply for an apprenticeship contract, please send the following information to learning-agreement-approval-requests@group.riehle.org in English: Whether you are studying, taking an internship or taking a language course abroad, as a student, you are still benefiting from a stay in a foreign country. It`s about improving your language skills and expertise, discovering other cultures and learning to understand them better. The experience of other cultures has become indispensable for an optimal start to their working life. Students need a learning agreement to apply courses to their studies at other universities. In this way, they can go abroad, take courses and continue their studies. Whether it is studies, internships or language courses abroad, as a student, you benefit in all cases from a stay abroad.

It is about improving technical and language skills, better understanding other cultures. Experiences abroad are also necessary for an optimal start to their working life. As exchange students or as students in an ordinary curriculum, they enjoy seeing international students at the Faculty of Technology, either as interns. The FAU is also a member of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and the Top Industrial Managers for Europe network. Application information for TF Direct Partners and GE4 Partners: Then the completed form for BA/MA will be sent to our office for signature (bring a copy) and finally to the Office of Review for the registration of benefits. Compared to the number of senior managers in the German economy, the FAU took 25th place in 2019. [34] The FAU`s Faculty of Engineering is a young educational and research institution. Since its inception in 1966.