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Schwab Account Agreements

You authorize us to act as an agent to make deposits on one or more banks related to Schwab and withdrawals from deposit accounts or to buy and sell shares in a Schwab® Sweep Money Fund in accordance with the Cash Features Information Statement. By entering into a customer account contract with Schwab or by subscribing to a Schwab e-service, you will accept the receipt of e-mail from us. We can send you emails about services and products that we think you may be interested in. You can disable future emails about products or services by following our privacy policy instructions, on our website or in an email we receive from you. However, we reserve the right to send you important information about your account via email, including regulatory communications. These amendments, which contain both changes and clarifications of the existing language, apply to individual investor accounts and accounts managed by independent investment advisors, unless otherwise stated. We combine the cash distributions of your account with those of other customers who request a reinvestment in the same security and use these funds to buy securities for you and those other customers. We will credit your account with the number of shares corresponding to the amount of your property to be reinvested in a given security, divided by the purchase price per share. If multiple purchase transactions are required to reinvest eligible cash distributions of your customers and other customers in a certain warranty, the purchase price per share is the weighted average price per share for all acquired shares. The time to buy is at our discretion. The latest information on account agreements can be found at www.schwab.com/accountagreements. We may transfer securities and other assets from any non-retired brokerage account to which you have an interest in any other non-retired brokerage account in which you participate, whether there are other account holders on one of the two accounts to satisfy the defects of such an account, or if we feel that your liabilities in such an account are not sufficiently guaranteed.

If my Schwab account is converted to another Schwab account, whether it`s closing my Schwab account and opening another account, or some other way, I agree to read the terms of the agreement and attach it to the agreement that governs the other account in effect from time to time at the time of conversion and in the modified version thereafter.