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What Agreement Does Gawain Make With The Lord Of The Castle

Gauvain holds his post in the Green Chapel. The Green Knight raises his axe to cut off Gawain`s head, but he retreats twice. The third time, the Green Knight barely cuts Gawain`s neck. The Green Knight reveals that he was Gawain`s host and that his appearance as a knight was made possible by Morgan le Fay. He tells Gawain that the first two blows were for the first two days of their deal, when Gawain fairly reimbursed his wife`s kisses. The small cut was to accept and hide the belt. Overwhelmed by shame, Gawain admits his guilt and wears the belt to remind him of his guilt. When he returns to Camelot, the whole farm wears green belts in community with Gauvain. As the date approaches, Sir Gawain goes in search of the green chapel and keeps his share of the market. Many adventures and battles are evoked (but not described) until Gawain meets a magnificent castle where he meets the lord of the castle and his beautiful wife, who are happy to have such a renowned guest.

Also present is an old and ugly lady, nameless, but treated with great honor by all. Gawain tells them about his New Year`s date in the Green Chapel and that he only has a few days left. The Lord laughs and explains that there is a path that leads him there, which is less than two miles away, and suggests that Gawain rests on the castle until then. Relieved and grateful, Gawain agrees. Several scholars have tried to find a real correspondence for Gawain`s journey to the Green Chapel. The Anglesey Islands, for example, are mentioned in the poem. They exist today as a single island off the coast of Wales. [93] At line 700, Gawain would pass through the “Holy Head,” which many scholars believe to be either Holywell or Poulton Cistercian Abbey at Pulford. Holywell is associated with the beheading of St. Winifred. As the story goes, Winifred was a virgin who was beheaded by a local leader after rejecting her sexual advances. His uncle, another saint, put his head back in place and healed the wound, leaving only a white scar.

The parallels between this story and that of Gawain make this region a likely candidate for the trip. [94] After Christmas, Gawain prepares to leave, but the Lord persuades him to stay by saying that he can lead Gawain to the Green Chapel. .