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Workready Participant Agreement Form

ConditionsA subsidized training is only available to certain participants and we describe them as conditions. Conditions: Once the needs screening process is complete, you will be contacted to advise on the outcome and where a subsidized training place with DP training is offered to successful individuals. Individuals who wish to accept the offer must complete the corresponding registration and application forms and submit them for processing in order to process their applications and guarantee their grants. For more information on wrrr, please email: DCSWRRR@sa.gov.au you can also www.skills.sa.gov.au/for-training-providers/workready-subsidies/subsidised-training-list see the current online subsidized training list (STL) on the Skills and Employment (www.skills.sa.gov.au) website. The STL shows courses that can be subsidized by the South Australian government initiative and provides information on courses, conditions, current STL can be accessed online or looking for courses. Accept the offer of a training placeIf students complete the pre-assessment process satisfactorily, they are contacted and a place is offered in the course. To accept the offer and complete the registration process, students must complete the registration and application forms and refer them to the DP training to process their registration and secure their funding. Once you have received a study space, you have 7 days to accept the offer and return the completed forms to DP Training. For more information, see training contracts and training plans. s.skills.sa.gov.au/Apprenticeships-traineeships/Managing-your-apprenticeship-or-traineeship/Training-contracts-and-training-plans Free informationIf you need to access your personal DSD data, call the Infoline on 1800 506 266, which informs you of the process you need to follow. In some cases, you will have to apply to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1991. DP Training advises you on our rates and provides the information on our website with our pricing policy.

This includes tuition fees for each course and all optional, additional and incidental fees. Information about the WorkReady application procedure above comes from the “Training Registration” page on the WorkReady website www.skills.sa.gov.au/training-learning/how-to-enrol DP Training currently has the following qualifications, with grants for eligible participants: Training previously completed by Skills SAYou may have already studied courses on Skills SA. If you took courses from October 1, 2015, your right to access to state-subsidized training may be compromised. For more information, call skills and employment information on 1800 506 266. In 2017/18, the government debauched approximately $187 million from FAS to support some 50,000 apprentices, apprentices, pre-apprentices, pre-apprentices and job initiations. These projects were funded prior to the launch of the SAF National Partnership Agreement (FSA). See the 2017-18 Projects fact sheet for more information. Contact us to start the information gathering/exchange processThe participation agreement defines the purposes for which personal data is collected by the Minister and how it is used.