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Tcs Service Agreement Notarized

Sir, for the service contract, I have the 2016-17 ITR document, but in the last fiscal year, its tax amount is zero because the job is less than 3 Lakh. Next year, the guarantee tax will be of a certain amount since his profession is now 4 lakhs per year. I notarized his name for a guarantee. Please, tell me, is this acceptable? Be, because my membership date is 27 October 2016.Please do it necessary. Sir, I have doubts about the signing on the service contract. My father has farmland. Can it be a surah? If so, what documents should be filed on his behalf? Thank you for having a notarized service agreement that is acceptable or not? Can I add space in the service agreement because the space is too small to fill, and how can I add spaces in the spaces Is ₹50000₹ mandatory? I signed my warranty contract and was notarized. Hello, I have a doubtI have been notarized in the service contract, is it also a problem that a certificate is needed at NCA or is it correct if notary and certificate are required for the service contract? I took the service contract, is it okay or do I have to do it again? If I opt for the FD. I just have to print the first page of the service contract on the loan paper, without the part of the signature of the guarantee.

Isn`t it? You should empty. do not write where the guarantee Name & Signaturethe rules your agreement I made mistakes in date.si I cut it and I write the right date. Is it okay or do I have to make a new deal? Should we use Whitener to correct misspelled words in the service agreement? Please answer Do you need to notary certify the TCS service agreement? 1a) Service Contract: Read the rules of the Service Contract carefully before fulfilling anything. Many may find it ridiculous, but I prefer to fill copies of Xerox first. Save me money for new pressure in case of a problem! For the first few lines, use Rs 100 stamp paper here and print the rest on simple A4 papers. Fill everything in CAPS with a pencil. Don`t remove any clauses, not even page numbers! Don`t forget your signature and warranty signature at the end of each page!! The service contract does not need to be certified notarized. Sir, instead of the bail form. The service contract and warranty passport in force are sufficient??? Hi Atul, you did a great job. I have my doubts about the service agreement. Is it necessary to note the service contract? Or do I just have to print the service contract on Rs 100? I purchased the stamp paper for the service contract and not Criminal Affidavit on behalf of TCS.

Later, I only learned that it had to be purchased in my name (according to the TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? On the first page of the contract, I wrote twelve instead of writing twelve as the date of membership. What must I do??? Can I use Whitener? Where can I find the format for the medical certificate and service contract and warranty review form? Please answer my following questions:1.) Can we do e-stamping? Only for the first page?2.) As it becomes an e-stamp, can it be certified as a notary? Or do we just have to have him testify? and by whom?3.) What is Clause 3? Is it mandatory to give 50k TCS now? I have the first page of the service contract with typewriter.is should it be printed?? 2) Non-criminal affidavit: they also do this in a stamp document Rs 100 (or Rs 50-Rs 50). . . .