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Wholesale And Retail Main Agreement

3. By way of derogation from point (b) of paragraph 1, a written agreement may provide for a rest period of at least 60 consecutive hours per second week. (8) If the dispute is still not resolved, the employee may refer the dispute to arbitration. (b) an agreement concluded in accordance with point (a) with a worker at the time of taking up his duties or during the first three months of employment shall be valid for only one year. 4. The normal working time of a worker referred to in point (1) may be extended by agreement of up to 15 minutes per day, but not more than 60 minutes per week, so that a worker whose duties include members of the public on duty may continue to perform those duties even after the end of normal working hours. 3. Where an employer who requires an employee to wear clothing in accordance with point (1) pays him remuneration of at least R2.60 per week per piece, he shall be responsible for the maintenance, washing and cleaning of the clothes. 5. Tables 1 to 2 apply to wholesale and retail employers in zones A and . B respectively. (2) Subject to subsection (3), the employer shall keep the clothing provided within the meaning of subsection (1) in a clean and usable condition without incurring any costs to the employee. (7) A collective agreement may vary the number of days and circumstances in which the leave is to be granted within the meaning of this clause.

(a) A written agreement may increase the period provided for in point 3 to 12 months. and (b) the employer may require or permit a worker to work only on a day of leave granted for a given day in accordance with point (a) under an agreement; The agreement must include the type, description, number, quantity or value of sales, margin, profit or orders for which the employee is entitled to a commission. The employer must provide the employee with a copy of the agreement. If, during a calculation period, the employee does not earn an amount at least equal to the prescribed minimum wage as a result of an action by the employer, the employer must pay the employee at least the applicable minimum wage. (b) by agreement between the employer and the worker, at least that specified in Tables 1 to 2 for each hour or part of an hour worked by the worker. 2. A daily rest period referred to in point (a) of paragraph 1 may be reduced to 10 hours by written agreement for a worker referred to in point (a) whose meal interval lasts at least three hours. 1. This finding shall apply to the employment of wholesale and retail workers in the Republic of South Africa. 2. In this finding, “wholesale and retail trade” means the sector in which employers and employees are primarily or fully related in order to obtain products from a supplier or manufacturer for sale to a person, whether wholesale or retail; (b) nottheless point (a), an agreement may make it possible to reduce the period of notice provided for in paragraph 1 (c) from four weeks to at least two weeks.